Carrell's Cars 'N Stuff: Muscle Cars and More

Welcome to my collection

This site was designed to be a virtual museum of an extrordinary personal collection of American muscle cars and other vehicles, along with automobilia - signs, posters, and other memorabilia about cars and the era. While the collection has many cars from the 1960's and 1970's, you'll find modern cars and older classics too. Whether you're a fellow car enthusiast, a friend of the collector, or just someone who appreciates the fun, beauty, power, and history in this collection, I hope you all enjoy taking a look around. It continues to be a work in progress as we upload more of the collection and background information for you.

You can find out more About the Collector, keep up with him in What's New, or read about his collection In The Press.

The muscle cars

Each of the vehicles in the collection has a gallery of images, organized by company, with one exception -- there are so many Mustangs in the collection, they have their own section outside of the Ford Motor Company cars (FOMOCO.)